$BTC Print

_Why ape?_

5% of all transaction gets reflected back to your wallet in Bitcoin!

For a limited time we are increasing to 12% reflection of BTC to your wallet

_How to buy?_

  • Set slippage to 17% or more
  • Protip: add .111 to the end amount of $BTCP token you want to buy. Ie. buy 100 set to 100.111


Why can’t I see my BTC earnings?

We have a dashboard coming soon, for the time being the most simplest way is to send 1 $BTCP to yourself and your wallet will get updated with WBTC.e rewards.

What are the tokenomics?

5% Reflections - 4% Marketing - 8% Auto Liquidity

Why are my reflections showing as $BTC.e instead of $BTC?

$WBTC.e is Wrapped BTC on the Avalanche blockchain, the value is the same as BTC.